May 2016 General Meeting


Meeting began with our annual auction with Ralph Yoder serving as auctioneer. As always, lots of very nice items and very entertaining.

Reminder about the Springs Retreat in Gladwin in October – Pat Methner is happy to answer any questions you might have. Lisa is coordinating April Mystic Lake at YMCA camp between Flake and Everett – theme will be hanky panky. There are still 7/8 openings left. Food was good last year, all had a lot of fun. Let Pat or Lisa know if you are interested in signing up!

Tina McPhall is coordinating a bus trip for July 26th, leaving at 8:30 a.m., cost $40. Contact her if interested.

50/50 drawing…reminder that this money goes into our general fund to cover extra expenses or speakers. Fat Quarter and Blotto blocks drawings also held, followed by member show-and-tell.

An amazing Edyta Star quilt was shared, as well as a super cute Farm Girl Vintage Barn and Silo quilt. Robyn shared a quilt she will be doing as a retreat quilt June 24th -26th..

June meeting is at 6:00 and will be potluck. Paper plates and silverware will be provided, but bring a beverage if you would like. See you then!

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mmqg raffle quilt

MMQG Quilt Show 2016 “Falling in Love with Quilts” October 1-2, 2016

MMQG Quilt Show 2016 “Falling in Love with Quilts” October 1-2, 2016

mmqg raffle quilt

Our semi-annual quilt show will be held Oct. 1 & 2 2016.  The planning is moving along but I am requesting help from the guild.  So far I only have 12 quilts to show.  I need to have many more and I need the exhibit sheets turned in to me be email( or snail mail or at the next meeting of the guild.  All quilts are welcome but they must be finished quilts now previously shown at MMQG quilt shows.

We also need to sell the raffle quilt tickets.  That is a group effort.  It means we can keep having the quality speakers and quilt teachers that we all enjoy so much at our meetings.  The more we make on the quilt show, the more speakers we can have.  We have to thank Robyn House-Guettler, Rose Pavlik, and Leigh Bartholomew for putting together the beautiful blocks so many of you made.  The raffle quilt is exquisite.

I will keep updates coming on our progress.  In the near future I will be asking for quilt show workers to set up, greet guests, hang quilts, sell raffle tickets at the show, white glove guides on the show floor, and take down people.  This will be a great quilt show with all the talent our group has.  Remember many hands make work light.  Think about where you can help and please volunteer. 

This is OUR quilt show.  Let’s do it up right.

Sandy Smith, Show Chair

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Quilt Bee February 27th and Comfort Quilt Update Spring 2016

The last quilt bee dated February 27th was attended by fourteen people and one who wasn’t in at tendance, but helped to make 25 quilts out of UFO’s and orphan blocks. I was amazed at the inter-
esting arrangements people came up with what I gave them to work with. You are all a bunch of sweethearts. I will try to put more such kits together for another bee next year. I need to get these UFO’s and orphan blocks out of my house and into quilts!

So far, I have delivered 19 quilts to Gratiot County Child Advocacy (Alma), 10 quilts to Harrison Baby Pantry, 1 to Women’s Aid Service and 7 to Central MI Pregnancy want to give to two more agencies and even out the numbers Services (Mt. Pleasant), 17 to Isabella County Child Advocacy, 22 to Isabella County COA, 16 to Isabella County United Way, 18 to Gratiot Hospital (Alma), 7 to Christmas Out- reach (Isabella County), 9 to Clare County Child Advocacy (Harrison), and with the deliv- eries I will be making soon 18 to Clare Hospital, 17 to Love, Inc.-Farwell, and 17 to Mt. Pleasant Hospital. I also have saved back 6 quilts to show at our Comfort Quilt booth at our quilt show. I before the year is out. So, please keep up the good work.

Thank you all so much for your time, talent, donations of scraps, fabric, batting, and money donations to this cause. I feel truly blessed with all the help I get in this pro- gram. Please keep it up. Check out kits. Be sure to look at the quilts that are turned in. We have some truly amazing quilts to donate.

Love, Linda Craig,

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April 2016 Meeting Minutes

MMQG April 2016 General Meeting

Meeting began with a view of the raffle quilt for the October Quilt Show. Tickets are available in

packs of 20 and 3500 have been printed. It would be great to sell all of the tickets because they

help pay for all of our speakers and extracurricular events with the guild. The state requires that

we account for each and every ticket so selling them all would also make our accounting easier!

The quilt is approx. 90 X 90 and a picture is included with every ticket packet. Batt is a dream

poly batt with a wide backing. Sandy Smith is coordinating the show and asks that forms for

quilts to be displayed be turned in as soon as possible.


We are up to 101 members!


Reminder that June 25th from 10-4 is the Canadian Lakes quilt show. Their raffle quilt is

hanging in Keepsake quilts and all are invited.


We welcomed our guest today and greeted one another, sang Happy Birthday to our treasurer

Leigh Bartholemew, then were treated to a presentation by Nancy McNally in which many

beautiful quilts were shared.


Several different types of quilts were shared by members.


A reminder from Robyn that next month will be the small quilt auction – please bring your items

by 6:30 and bring a friend! Norm Yoder will be auctioneering again and is always entertaining.


The June meeting will be a potluck NOT an ice cream social.


Tina shares that July 26 we’ll have a bus trip to Fife Lake, Traverse City, and Sutton’s Bay and

will need 56 people to be a go, leaving at 8 a.m. – more information next month. Save the date!


Leigh shared treasures report, no questions from members.


Next month ABCD for refreshments.


Roberta reports that Robin will be taking charge of the applique group for the next couple of

months and will be sending out an email.


Linda reports that people have been doing a beautiful job with the charity quilts and thanks

everyone for their help.


Reminder that elections are next month. Tina has offered to run for president. Cindy Harrington

has volunteered for member-at-large to replace Diane Benn. Leigh will stay on as treasurer and

Deb will stay on as secretary if nobody else volunteers.


Blotto block drawing, 50/50, and fat quarter drawings ended the meeting with a final reminder to

please sell those raffle tickets !

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February 2016 Guild Meeting Minutes


Item #


Discussion/Conclusion/Next Steps-Who By When?



Call to Order –By President Tina
  1. Review and Approval of last meeting Minutes
  2. Review of tonight’s Agenda
  1. Approved
  1. Program by Gerolyn Freeze on Underground Railroad and Quilts.

Scissor sharpening by Dave during meeting tonight.

New Members and Guests recognized.


Guild Program

  1. Program

  1. Trunk show and Power Point Presentation by Gerolyn Freeze on Underground Railroad and Quilts


Business Meeting

1. Show & Tell

  1. Refreshment Break
  1. Review and Approval of last meeting Minutes
  1. Nominations for President needed
  1. March Meeting Program and Class
  1. Raffle Quilt
  1. International Quilt Festival
  1. Paducah Bus Trip
  1. Mystic Lake Retreat
  1. Appliqué Club
  1. Block Exchange
  1. Quilt Bee’s (Linda Craig)
  1. Round Robin Quilts
  1. Paper Piecing Club
  1. 30’s Club
  1. Blotto Drawing
  1. 50/50 Drawing
  1. Fat Quarter Drawing (Red)
  1. Variety of beautiful quilts items from the membership.
  1. Refreshment Table
  1. Secretary and Treasurers Reports reviewed and accepted by membership.
  1. By end of meeting, Tina accepted nomination. No other nominations yet.
  1. Franceska’s Creations, making quilted jackets from sweatshirts. Program March 22. Class next day March 23 9am at COA. Need to sign up tonight. See Tina
  1. Quilt show, “Falling in Love with Quilts”, October 1 & 2, 2016.

Set up on September 30, 2016

Waiting for raffle license. Will be having brochures, pictures once quilted.

Suggestion to put on own Facebook page and sell tickets to out of town friends and family.

Everyone entering a quilt needs to fill out one form for each quilt entered. Forms on table. Have room for 100 quilts.

Need forms for all quilts by August 1, 2016

Quilts will not be released to anyone without the numbered receipt for each quilt.

Need volunteers to photograph quilts; make badge for volunteers/works; type information on cards for each quilt, set up before event; tear down after event; food, etc

Sign-up list will be at May and June meetings.

  1. April 7-9, 2016 in Chicago. Limited free tickets available. See Tina tonight.
  1. Xpedition Travel is planning a bus trip from Mt. Pleasant to Paducah, Kentucky April 19-22, 2016. Included is transportation, some meals, 3 nights at The Drury, admission to the AQS Show, and some optional activities.

Go to for details.

There are already eight from our Guild that are going. If you have questions, call 10. Judy Hunt. She is NOT the person organizing the trip, however, she is the person keeping the list of persons from our group going so these persons can receive a goodie bag. 989 644-3165

  1. April 14 (or 15) to 17, 2016. 4 spots open. Contact Lisa Matthews for more information
  1. Stitches demo at 6:30pm, before guild meeting in March.
  1. See Debbie tonight to exchange
  1. Next Bee this Saturday, orphan block kits. 8:30am-5:00pm at COA. Potluck lunch.

Delivered more quilts to organization in Clare, Isabella and Gratiot counties.

  1. Completed projects shown tonight. What a variety of beautiful and colorful quilts! Now owners need to quilt and have in show & tell!
  1. Get with your group and exchange as needed
  1. Continues.
  1. Won by Carol Rundle
  1. Won by Sandy Smith
  1. 2 drawings! Won by Naomi Lint and Ardath Stadtfeld


  1. Adjournment
  1. Next meeting scheduled for Tuesday March 22, 2016 at COA, 7:00pm

Fat Quarter Drawing Theme: Green

Refreshments: IJKL

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January 2016 Guild Meeting


Item #


Discussion/Conclusion/Next Steps-Who By When?



Call to Order –By President Robyn
  1. Review and Approval of last meeting Minutes
  2. Review of tonight’s Agenda
  1. Approved
  1. Business Meeting then 4 stations, 3 Demo stations plus refreshment table.


Business Meeting

  1. Member Lists
  2. News about members & families.
  1. Raffle Quilt
  1. Monthly Meetings
  1. Quilt Bee’s (Linda Craig)
  1. Mystery Quilts
  1. Dave’s Real Sharp
  1. Mystic Lake Retreat 2016
  1. Show & Tell
  1. Blotto Drawing
  1. 50/50 Drawing
  1. Fat Quarter Drawing (white on white)
  1. Door Prize
  1. Updated list on table
  2. Membership informed of members and families health, etc
  3. Quilt show, “Falling in Love with Quilts”, October 1 & 2, 2016.

Set up on September 30, 2016

Working on raffle license. To sell single tickets not packets

Everyone entering a quilt needs to fill out one form for each quilt entered.

Need forms for all quilts by August 1, 2016

More information during future quilt meetings

  1. February – Geralyn Freeze from Keepsake Quilting. She will be presenting Quilts on the Underground Railroad.

March –   Franceska’s Creations, presentation on making jackets.

  1. Next Bee this Saturday, “Can it”. 13 people signed up, more welcome.

Need people to attend and tie quilts

Delivered 72 quilts so far. Christmas Out-Reach; Gratiot Hospital; Clare Hospital; Mt Pleasant Hospital; Women’s Aid Service; Central Michigan Pregnancy Agency; Commission On Aging; United Way.

February 27th Bee, “Orphan Block” quilts.

  1. From Mystery quilt class. Beautiful! Everyone had fun.
  2. Will be at February’s meeting to sharpen scissors. $5-7 each, depending on size. Sign-up at table. For more information see Char.
  3. April 14-17, 2016. Need to pay tonight! See Lisa Matthews.
  1. Variety of beautiful quilts items from the membership.
  1. Won by Diane Sever
  1. Won by Jan Markey
  1. Won by Sarah Delia
  1. Won by Judy Hunt


Guild Program

  1. 3 demo stations & refreshment table
  1. Members rotated through all stations.

Thank you for those who provided these instructions on rules, techniques, projects and yummy food!



  1. Adjournment
  1. Next meeting scheduled for Tuesday February 23, 2016 at COA, 7:00pm
  2. No Board Meeting in February.

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Workshop in Midland at Park Bench Fabrics

I will be having a workshop on March 5th on my Fusing/Fabric Painting to Create Realistic Art Quilts.  I just wanted to let your guild know about it!  It is a Saturday from 10:00 to 4:00 and the cost is $95 each including the pattern, fusible web, parchment paper, freezer paper, and use of my fabric  paints.  You can read about my workshop at this link  Below is a picture of one of my patterns.  There are other choices of course.  Please let others know if possible.  They can contact me at to let register.  Thanks for your help!  Lenore

Lenore Crawford

Fabric Art by Lenore Crawford

2023 Ashman Street

Midland, MI   48640



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November 2015 Guild Meeting Notes

MMQG NOVEMBER 24, 2015 General Meeting.

Meeting opened with a greeting from Robyn. Nancy Myers presented a lecture on her quilting journey. Members then shared their latest projects. A great tip was also shared re: migrating sewing machine pedals – there is a sticky mat sold in the baby section of Walmart for baby food bowls that also works as a grip for your sewing machine pedal .

Tina and Rose shared that January’s meeting will be a rotation between three demo stations and snacks. Special Rulers as well as a FQ Bag will be demonstrated. Geralyn Freeze from Keepsake Quilting will be doing a presentation on Quilts on the Underground Railroad in February. Franceska’s Creations will be doing a presentation on making jackets in March and will also be having workshop if there is enough interest. There will be opportunities to sign up in January and February. In April Nancy Clark Mcnally will be doing a lecture and a workshop on compass star – again, there will be opportunities to sign up. In May we will be having our annual auction unless someone has another fundraising idea. Ice Cream Social in June. Finally, a reminder that Local Quilt Shop Day is January 23rd !

Treats for January will be those whose name ends in “S”.

Treasurer Report was shared with all – Leigh reports there are 94 members currently.

Reminder that newsletter information needs to be to Tami soon.

Roberta reports that the applique group had a freezer paper demonstration today and in January Leigh will be demonstrated a new type of binding for wall hangings – so if interested be at the COA at 6:00.

Linda reported that the next comfort quilt date would be December 19th and we’ll be doing a “5 Borders and You’re Done” with a cowboy/cowgirl theme. Christmas quilts from the 1st bee were shared and looked lovely. We had 44 quilts turned in tonight! Linda also shared the January 30th bee quilt which is “Canning” – bugs in a jar, but all kinds of things, not just bugs. Please sign up if you can come to a bee so that Linda can have kits available. Thanks to everyone who made quilts, and also for donations!

If you are signed up for Robyn’s Mystery Quilt, you should have directions already.

Pat has volunteered to chair the Springs for next and will also be looking into a bus trip for next year.

Fran has a Mystery Quilt class coming up January 9th – fee is $20 – be sure to let her know if you’d like to participate.

Round Robin bags with Rose were shared tonight.

There are still room for three people to sign up for Mystic Lake – please remember that January is the deadline for cancellations or sign-ups.

Fat Quarter Drawing and 50/50 Drawing, as well as Blotto Blocks, ended the evening.

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October 2015 General Meeting Notes

MMQG October 2015 General Meeting

Meeting opened by President, Robyn House-Guetler, at 7:00 p.m.

Two guests were introduced and one new member.

Rose Pavlik and Tina McPhall were introduced as our new program chairpersons.

Penny Sempert, from Pineapple Press Patterns in Coloma, MI, was introduced as our guest presenter. Her recommendations on how to improve our quilting skills were very helpful, and her quilts were beautiful.

Show and Tell was followed by snacks.

Robyn announced that the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, KY, is asking for completed quilts to be donated for their auction fundraiser. Contact Roby, if interested in donating a quilt.

Rose Pavlik is heading the Round Robin Group, with 10 members, who showed their beginning blocks, and exchanged their bags.

Minutes from the September meeting and the treasurer’s report were accepted, with no changes or questions.

Tammy House will email members, to check on interest in having Penny Sempert do a class on her patter, “Love Letters”, to be scheduled on November 7, 2015.

Linda Craig wasn’t in attendance, but members were reminded of her comfort quilt workshop to be held on Nov 21 at the COA, with a potluck lunch.

Robyn’s mystery patterns were given out, along with the paper piecing patterns, and Linda Herndon had examples of the blocks the 30’s group will be making.

Fran Mills passed out information on her annual Mystery Quilt Workshop, to be held on Jan 9, 2016. Make checks payable to MMQG. Half the proceeds will go to the comfort quilt fund.

November fat quarter drawing will be Christmas fabric.

Fat quarters were won by Priscilla Garver and Deb Courser

Blotto blocks won by Trisha House.

50-50 drawing won by Judy Hunt.

Announcement: a new quilt shop will be opening on Pickard Street, in Mt. Pleasant, in about two weeks. Visitors next week will get a free quilt pattern.

Respectfully submitted by Naomi Lint, acting secretary.

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September 2015 Guild Meeting

MMQG General Meeting – September 21st 2015

Robyn started the meeting by showing us the raffle quilt for our 2016 Quilt Show– spectacular!It was communicated that bids are being taken to have it quilted. Sandy then reported that after some research on dates, our 2016 show will be October 1st and 2nd with set up on September 30th. We will be needing quilts and volunteers, so please save the date and be thinking about this event. Thanks to Sandy for taking on coordinating this!

We did not have a speaker tonite and Robyn explained that our agenda is still up in the air as we are looking for a Vice President to serve as program coordinator. Tentatively we may be having the women from Common Threads in St. Louis come in to do a demo and talk about their shop for the October meeting. In March we have Francesca Creations coming, and Robyn showed us one of their jackets that she had made. We reviewed the different groups that will be working on projects this year, beginning with Roberta and the Applique Club. Roberta reported that the group will be working on individual projects and will work on these with the goal of having some finished for the quilt show. Roberta has some links to share if people would like project ideas. Each month different types of applique will be shared and the group with be helping one another learn new techniques.

Robyn will be leading a block exchange in which people will share any 9” block they wish in sets of six. You can do as many packets as you like and will receive that many packets back. The first exchange will be red and white for November, Black and White for February, Blue and White for May.

Linda reported on charity quilts – we had a lot of quilts turned in tonight. As always kits are available for check out – please sign the notebook when checking out a kit, and again when turning in a finished quilt. We had 260 comfort quilts last year! We are aiming to do as well this year. Linda thanked members for donations of fabric and batting and shared a thank-you note from one of the groups that received our quilts. October 10th and November 21st will be our first bees with potluck lunch, from 8:30 – 5:00. October 10th we’ll be making a Christmas quilt that is a nine-patch variation. In November we’ll be doing a rodeo/cowgirl/cowboy theme for some super quick, easy and fun quilts. Please sign up if you would like to come to a bee so Linda can prepare enough kits. We’ve given quilts to all three Child Advocacy groups in the area, all three area hospitals, the Baby Pantry, Foster Closet, Women’s Aide Service, United Way, and others.

Robyn is continuing her mystery quilt, cost is $10, and the second pattern is available.

Rose is leading a Round Robin. Next month you bring in a 12.5 – 18” block. Every month we add to the block. If you have particular fabric you’d like to use with the block place them in the bag, or you can let people add to the block as they wish. In March there will be a reveal where you can be surprised at what happened to your block. No cost, and instructions will be provided every month as to what to do. Contact Rose if interested in joining!

Linda is leading a 30’s club and showed us a beautiful quilt. The book Farm Girl Vintage will be used to make the Farm Girl Sampler Quilt with 48 different blocks. If six 6” blocks are made each month, we’d have a quilt made by year’s end. Let Linda know if you are interested, Robyn can get more books which are $20 each. Linda hopes to have some workshops in the winter so members can get together to work.

Paper piecing group will be doing 6” blocks, 20 blocks to choose from, reveal at June meeting – you must use 12 blocks to make a finished item in order to be in a drawing for a $25 check. Cost is $5 for the pattern packet. If there are 4-5 people or more that want to do a Saturday class, Robyn is willing to come over and do a class.

Deb reported that members should be receiving minutes via email after each meeting, and to please let her know if you do not receive them so emails can be double checked. She also reported that pillowcases from National Quilting Day were given to Foster Closet as well as the Mount Pleasant Hospital, and both groups were very grateful and appreciative of the bright and cheery colors.

Leigh reported that the newsletter includes our budget proposal, which needs to be formally approved. Leigh created a nice comparison sheet to show how money was spent last year as well as what we proposed to spend this year. Priscilla Garber motioned and Sandy Smith seconded the motion to approve the budget – unanimous in favor, no opposition. Reminder that dues are $20, please get these in to Leigh if you haven’t already. Auction yielded $1375.

Please note that the snack list distribution is different from last year so as to have a better division of snacks.

Members should also be getting a newsletter – if you are not getting one via email please let us know. There will be a few hard copies available for people who do not get email, please let us know if you are not getting them and would like a hard copy reserved for you.

Rose Pavlik and Tina McPhall have agreed to be Vice Presidents – THANK – YOU! This creates a Member-At-Large position to replace Rose. Diane Seaver agreed to take this position. THANK-YOU Diane! Also a reminder that Char Isom stepped down as Member At Large and Diane Benn has stepped in to fill her spot.

Board meetings will the 3rd Tuesday in October, February, April, and June. On months we don’t meet, we will be coming to the guild meetings at 6 as needed to take care of any business.

Pat Methner gave us an update on the July Bus Trip – the group went to four shops (Carson City, Fenville, South Haven, and Holland) with lunch in Saugatuck, and about 35 members participated. Had a great day! Hopefully we can do something like that next year. Springs outside of Gladwin retreat in October has room for some more people, cost is $195 which includes meals and lodging as well as sewing. If interested please contact Pat Methner. Challenge this year will be making an apron.

Lisa reported on Mystic Lake – 22 people signed up, room for 24, she would like some alternates. Cancellation policy has been added to brochure. Full payment done by end of January, that way the minimum of 20 people will be sure to be met. There will be YMCA camp style accommodations, sleeping bag required. Thurs – Sun $150, Fri – Sun $115 for members. No breakfast, but other meals provided. Fridge and microwave provided. Dates are April 14- 17, theme this year is stained glass. No curved piecing. Full pattern available once payment is made in full.

Reminder that the Sunshine Committee Notebook is always on the table at meetings – if you know of a member going through a rough time, add their name so we can send them a card.

Show and Tell included a raffle cute that will be available at the COA Bazaar in November.

Fatquarter Drawing – two packs of 12 each. Won by Diane Seaver and Jackie Studer. 50/50 was $11 and was won by Leigh Bartholomew.

Meeting ended with snacks and opportunity to sign up for groups.

See you in October!

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